Title Mac’s Crew Member
Salary $12/hour PLUS $4-$20/hour TIPS
Location 1330 Larpenteur Ave, St. Paul, MN
Job Information

                                   CREW MEMBER

Job:   Doing lots of different stuff!!! (Some fun and some tedious)  However, no matter the task, our crew members need to go about their business in an upbeat and positive mood (even if you need to fake it).  We want people who can (in a good nature) BS with guests / co-workers and who have a keen sense for giving and taking (as we like to call it) “crap.”  We are constantly taking care of our guests by exceeding their expectations in food, service, generosity (a piece of taffy can go a long way), and in genuinely caring!
Experience:   If you have quick service (QSR) experience it will be helpful but is certainly not required.  We are willing to train anyone who brings the right personality, energy level, and quick thinking skill to the table.
Wage:   We’ll discuss this as there are a number of variables.  What is your experience level?  Your availability?  Did you bring your own pen to the interview? (Seriously, don’t ask us if you can borrow a pen)
Hours:   This depends on what our schedule looks like at the time as well as what you are looking for.  More than likely it will be part-time but still varies based on your availability.
Location:   Most/All of your hours will be at ONE of our locations however it is VERY helpful if you have your own transportation and can move between stores in the unlikely event of a pinch.
Overall Mac’s is a pretty simple concept but what we do we do extremely well!  This includes our hiring of employees.  We need crew members who don’t take themselves too seriously or show up at work with three hour monologues about all the drama in their lives.  Quite frankly, no one wants to hear that crap because the rest of us want to goof around a little while we’re at work! (Ironically we are NOT goofing about that)  We know that a light-hearted yet hardworking nature brings about a better atmosphere for both guests and employees.  Crew members will need to be versed in all duties of the restaurant.  This includes operation a POS system, prep, cooking, expediting orders, BSing with guests, and (yes) all of us need to do the tedious jobs like cleaning.
You will be required to do some lifting, reaching, bending, etc.  We can promise you one thing, there is not a lot of sitting around and doing nothing!  If you have worked in a QSR restaurant before you know that some days you will leave tired!  We may do a lot of yapping and BSing but we are always working!


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